We are stronger than the coronavirus: respecting Earth, we are ready to “resurrect”. Happy Easter, from our Italy that produces wines and cultivates a greener future

At a time like this, we are among the few privileged who can work in these days of forced quarantine: the whole World has stopped because of the coronavirus, but the lockdown in force in Italy doesn’t prevent seasonal activities in the fields. We too, Marchisio Family, participate in the great pain that’s upsetting humanity, and in the universal anguish for the economic consequences of a pandemic tha’s devasting the planet. In these very difficult days for everyone, many people are noticing – in the midst of this historical disaster – at least one positive aspect: the collapse of the pollution values of the Earth’s atmosphere. The air in our cities has become clean again. And in India, it has become possible to admire the spectacle of the Himalayas even 200 kilometres away. These are collateral “miracles”, unfortunately not determined by a healthy ecological planning of economy.

In our own small way, from our Roero hills, we continue the daily, patient work of the winemakers: we are used to living under the sky, protecting the natural integrity of the soil, and knowing that every vintage has its special quality. We’ll never forget this spring 2020 – like all of you. Quite simply (and we say this in whispers, with respect for everyone), we are happy to have taken the path of organic viticulture, and not from today, adhering in particular to Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic philosophy. Objective: to commit ourselves to giving back to Mother Earth, year after year, her original fertility. And you, who appreciate our wines, are the first to know how much this affects the naturalness that’s then appreciated in the glass: the breadth of the perfumes, the depth of the stories that each wine knows how to tell, interpreting at best the DNA of its hill, of the single vineyard from which it was born.

Today more than ever, wine represents an important excellence of Made in Italy. Our country, so appreciated all over the world and today so hard hit by the health and economic disaster of the pandemic, knows how to “speak” also through wine: it’s a product that, like few others, can become an extraordinary ambassador of wonderful territories. Those who know us know that we work with our hearts. We are deeply sympathetic to all the people, in Italy and around the World, affected by the coronavirus. And we hope that this Easter – symbol of resurrection – can truly greet the rebirth of Italy and the whole World, celebrating in the best way (with a glass of wine) the confidence in the future that will soon return to smile. This at least is our wish, to all of you. A big hug, from Sergio Marchisio and the whole Marchisio Family.

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