The “white miracle” of snow consecrates the family promise: to respect the land, for special wines in perfect harmony with nature

The snow wadding frames the rows of vines in a white silence: winter has finally arrived, on the hills of the Marchisio Family, at the end of a year so special that no one in the world will easily forget it. In the family company of Castellinaldo d’Alba, 2020 is about to close in the best possible way: just a few weeks ago Sergio Valentino was born, son of Fabio and the tireless Elena Marengo, handyman and backbone of the company, especially in terms of administration. To the baby, third grandson of Sergio Marchisio, is dedicated the special edition of Faiv bubbles, 100% Arneis classic method, which will be uncorked in his honor only in ten years, in 2030. Ther’s something sacred, in this bet on the future, in which resonates the peasant tenacity of those who have learned to defend the land of their ancestors, to offer it as a gift to future generations.

«It’s not a way of saying, our commitment on the side of ecology and sustainability of viticulture», says Sergio Marchisio, who’s the founder of an organic certified company and a true pioneer of biodynamic viticulture in Roero. «The great satisfaction – he says – lies in the fact that, year after year, our wines only improve, at the same time as the health of the soil and plants: if on the one hand organic farming prevents the introduction of chemical products, it’s precisely biodynamics that guarantees fundamental support in this kind of great work: restoring the soil to its original fertility». A special discipline, which takes into account the Moon and the stars, the seasons of the Earth and those of the universe. You can understand it even better, immersing yourself in the infinite white silence that envelops the vineyards.

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