The poetry of Rudolf Steiner’s vision: when the Earth finally rests, and gives us back all its vital power

«When nature turns off, we must turn to self-consciousness». This is what Rudolf Steiner, founder of biodynamic agriculture, said. «The feast of the equinox that opens autumn – for Steiner – is the feast of strong and free self-consciousness: ir’s the feast of initiative full of energy, of liberation from every fear and from every conditioning of the soul». Words that seem to be written for today’s world, struggling with the general bewilderment of the great health emergency that is paralyzing the planet. The great scholar explains: «When the outer nature is extinguished and the vegetation withers, everything that is linked to the inner initiative grows in return. Forces of will are released, the Soul of the World urges the individual to become more courageous». And it’s precisely on the day of the equinox that the feast of “strong will” is celebrated. «At the height of summer, the great meteoric flocks containing cosmic iron had become visible», Steiner said, based on his very special (symbolic) view of life.

«That iron rained from the sky in the direction of the Earth contains “the weapon of the Gods” against the “dragon-Ahrimane” who wants to steal from men the animic light, engrossing them in its coils». Then, again according to Steiner, human blood is pervaded with iron: «Millions of sparkling meteors swirl in the blood, giving the organism the energy to fight every fear, every terror, every degrading form of hatred». Basically: «Just as man’s face turns vermilion red when he runs, so the subtle body of man irradiated with cosmic iron begins to radiate energy». In ancient mythologies there are figures of solar gods: young golden gods who shoot down a dragon or a snake rising from the bowels of Earth. «When the days of autumn get darker and cooler, when the leaves fall and the first rains fall», all this «evokes in the imagination these divine figures», in the action of “shooting down the dragon”: «They are the symbol of the victorious self-consciousness, which wakes up from the summer sleep, ready to achieve its goals with determination».

Belonging to German culture, although born in Croatia, Steiner (the father of anthroposophy, the “science of man”) expressed himself in various fields: philosophy and sociology, anthropology and economics, based on his “science of the spirit”. «What impressed me – admits Sergio Marchisio – was his teaching about biodynamic agriculture, which literally changed my life starting from one sentence: man is the only animal on Earth that poisons its food». Since then, biodynamic philosophy has become the compass of the Marchisio Family. Mission: to restore health to the Earth, and therefore to its products. Steiner conceives the universal reality as a “spiritual” manifestation in continuous evolution, in its unity with the physical world. In other words, staying among the vineyards: there is “soul”, in biodynamic wines, because they have been thought “in accordance with the sky”. They are like the pledge of a promise: to protect Earth, and help humanity to find the right vital orientation, in harmony with the universe.

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