The King of Sommeliers: biodynamics gives us special and structured wines, with a long finish and a vibrational energy

«With the same amount of alcohol, one can notice that on the palate, a biodynamic wine proposes a totally different reading of its alcohol content than a conventional wine». This is the opinion of Olivier Poussier, elected “best sommelier in the world” in 2000, talking about organoleptic perceptions. «All this – says Poussier – is explained by a better integration of alcohol, by a better acidity, by the drinkability of wine». The great sommelier talks about the wine «that is not built on center-mouth, fatness and richness, but on persistence and length». According to Poussier, «biodynamics makes it possible to make wines that have a great “length”, a bit like what happens in the case of aging in wood: some wines become sweeter, and others become more structured». The expert adds: «Biodynamics structures the wine and strengthens the finish, and therefore gives us wines that have a greater vibration, a particular energy».

Poussier’s words are music to the ears of Sergio Marchisio, accustomed to regulating the life of his winery – vineyards and cellar – on the basis of Rudolf Steiner’s “biodynamic calendars”, which divide the days (according to cosmic influences) into “root days”, “flower days”, “leaf days” and “fruit days”. Sergio smiles: «Biodynamics enhances the connection between sky and earth in a natural way». Seasons, light, water and climate count, but also the (invisible) dimension of vibrations, through which matter expresses itself. «If I wasn’t convinced, I wouldn’t have undertaken with Dr. Emilio Terziano the experiments to keep flavescence away through quartz crystal emissions». Ther’s a vibrant world around us. If we are talking about wine, which like no other product can tell the best of its origin, then this “resonance” can also be felt in the glass: and an absolute master such as Olivier Poussier could not help but notice it.

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