What’s so special about a biodynamic vineyard? Well, it’s on average more rubustic. Basically, it bursts with health. Typically, the plants are greener than their “colleagues”, more intensely colored. And their leaves point decidedly toward the sky: as if to draw in the special nourishment that comes down from the sun. «Every year, in spring, I never cease to be amazed by the little ‘miracle’ that the vine gives us», Sergio Marchisio admits. «Within a few days, the inflorescences give way to clusters: the flowers turn into berries». Fruits that, then – you know – if they are also organic and biodynamic have an extra gear, actually two. Certified organic, the Marchisio Family’s vineyards – where even copper and sulfur are disappearing, replaced with essential oils of orange and rosemary – are strictly “steinerian”. In fact, it’s the magic of the horn-manure that triggers the great spring rebirth: which has punctually taken off again this year.

«The 2022 season looks promising», says Sergio. «Ther’s no shortage of sunshine, temperatures are optimal. Let’s just say that a few more good rains wouldn’t hurt». Even in the face of climatic variations, however, “green” viticulture offers more guarantees. Without chemicals and with biodynamic treatments, in fact, vines gain more vigor and better withstand any adversity. Plants are also “trained” with so-called “resistance inducers”: biological products that are harmless but can simulate a fungal or insect attack. So that when the (real) attack comes later, the plants would be ready to repel it. And this, too, is part of the Marchisio Family’s biological system, whose strategy is clear: prevention, first and foremost.

Goal: to harden the vines and regenerate the soil, every year. How. By increasing soil fertility: that’s what green manures and special fertilizations are for: such as those made using the biodynamic mound, composed mostly of carefully selected green mowing mixed with manure. «The heap also ‘lives’ under the sky for a long time before it is used: and this, surely, contributes to its potential as a natural fertilizer». Earth and sky: the biodynamic calendar takes into account the map of the stars and lunar cycles. This makes the biodynamic vineyard a unique, particularly vital habitat. The result, then, can be felt in the glass: biodynamic wines, like those of the Marchisio Family, express a spectacular range of accents and aromas. And enthusiasts, of course, are the first to know it.

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