Sergio Marchisio: loyalty to our values ​​will allow us to overcome the Covid crisis, biodynamic wine is a great passport towards a better future

«Continue to believe in our values: this is the best answer to the great crisis that broke out with the Covid emergency». While the whole world faces economic difficulties that were unimaginable until yesterday, and the Italian wine market itself has undergone a drastic decrease of 30-40%, Sergio Marchisio remains firm in his convictions: «We must remain faithful to our land, our hills and the natural, organic and biodynamic philosophy, which has always guided our work». Needless to be hypocritical, it’s better to speak clearly: «The crisis triggered by the lockdown has also affected Roero and in particular the production of Arneis, a wine that is drunk young and cannot remain unsold for long time in the cellar». According to Sergio, the possibility of distilling the surplus by obtaining alcohol for sanitary use is not to be discarded: in this way, he says, the winemakers could at least recover the cost of producing wine, without losing anything. «It’s true, the first timid signs of recovery finally are arriving. But this year exports to the US are suffering, and wine tourism also appears to be compromised: visits to the cellar by foreigners will collapse, and we know that they are so important also for hotels and restaurants in Roero, Monferrato and Langhe».

The moment is complicate, Sergio confirms: «It was a hard blow. As when, 40 years ago, a disastrous hailstorm destroyed the entire harvest, forcing us to give up our harvest». But ther’s no need to be discouraged: «Today we have more resources: fortunately, none of us ended up knocking out». The Marchisio Family, then, looks to the future with her head held high: in addition to the large production of Arneis (150,000 bottles a year), she’s focusing on fine and very special wines, such as Nebbiolo “Valmaggiore” produced in amphora, and the brand new Pinot Noir, always in amphora; the grapes from Bussia (Monforte d’Alba) will soon be joined by those from Bricco Medica di Priocca, where the cuttings have just been planted. «Ours – Sergio reiterates – is a lifelong bet, and the coronavirus will certainly not stop it: our choice, to focus on the natural recovery of soil fertility thanks to Steiner’s biodynamic philosophy, is part of a strategy which aims to re-evaluate, year after year, the immense environmental and landscape heritage of our wonderful hills». An act of trust towards a land that has now become a Unesco heritage site: its profound beauty, combined with the passion for wine, remains a great passport for the future.

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