Sergio Marchisio, 60 years of emotions: mission, making wine talk like no other. In every glass, a page of history of the universe

A life halfway between earth and sky, vineyards and stars. What makes a story like Sergio Marchisio’s exceptional? Anyone who tastes his wines asks himself. Arneis or Barbera, bubbles, Nebbiolo or Pinot Noir in amphora. Explosions, depth, fragrances. A fullness that rises directly from the ground and then meets the sun and rain, and than it finds the secret, mysterious place where an unrepeatable alchemy takes place. It’s not only a matter of love for one’s own hills, where fidelity to family roots has evolved in the continuous search for ancestral purity, for the essence of the vines, through the deep respect for nature from which organic viticulture is born. Everybody can feel Rudolf Steiner’s great biodynamic lesson: the best can flourish from something that has to do with the heart of man and the spirit of the universe, if one is able to see that a simple glass can tell, every time, the story of the world. What makes the difference is precisely this: the gaze of the creator, the true transformer who knows how to put himself at the service of all that the vine can give, helping it to express its soul.

Around Sergio, who will turn sixty on July 19th (and in a few months he’ll be a grandfather for the third time!), the Marchisio Family tightens with all her affection and gratitude. She knows very well that his smile continues to watch over the vineyards, ever greener and more luxuriant, which have grown naturally thanks to his passion and great experience. It’s an honour to work with a wine artist: a man capable – like few others – of interpreting any seasonal reflection to perfection, knowing how to read hints, accents and nuances. The same story of Sergio Marchisio documents the courage of the true pioneers: he was the first to plant Arneis in Castellinaldo, the first to sparkling the Arneis, the first to vinify Nebbiolo in amphora, the first in Roero to produce Pinot Noir in ceramic containers. Happy experiments: the first Nebbiolo Rosè classic method, the courageous choice of the screw cap also for important bottles such as Valmaggiore, great biodynamic Nebbiolo (in amphora) that comes from the sea sands of Vezza d’Alba. A cocktail of evergreen freshness and capable, at the same time, of endless evolutions.

Those who know Sergio Marchisio know perfectly well that he’s not only a master of Piedmontese organic and biodynamic wine. Ther’s not only technique, in the constant search for the best possible result: it’s as if a secret instinct guided the alchemist, in his intimate relationship with natural matter. A magical touch, that of the champions: a matter of instinct, a spontaneous and long cultivated wisdom. Ther’s a profound mathematics in everything: even in emotions. The difference lies in being fully aware of it, making one’s own life an extraordinary gym to study the wonder that surrounds us. The most beautiful gift, which is renewed every day, is precisely this: having new eyes, with which to look at the world, always knowing how to overturn appearances. Even so great wines are born: they are the children of long thoughts, which ferment in the cellar. When they slip into the glass, they speak directly to you: they confirm that infinity can reveal itself in an unrepeatable sip. And then you discover that nothing is far away, no one is a stranger, everything concerns us closely: it depends only on us. Because wine contains deep memories, as ancient as the Earth: the important thing is to know how to make it speak. This is the lesson of the master of Castellinaldo.

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