Resurrection, that is regeneration: ther’s something profound that links a religious event like Easter to the seasonal breath of the Earth, in its orbit around the Sun. It’s like an impulse to be reborn, after the long winter. «The art of resurrection, after all, belongs to the same peasant culture, the one from which we come», says Sergio Marchisio, a passionate reader of authors such as Rudolf Steiner and René Guénon. Deep thoughts: «The great crisis that the whole world has gone through since 2020, and from which it has not yet emerged, must teach us something important: the choice of true values, from which we can always start again». Today we speak of green economy, of universal reconversion of the economy? Nothing new, for the Marchisio Family, which for decades has been orienting its wine production thanks to the greenest of compasses, that of ecology and absolute sustainability.

«Crises have always been part of our history», Sergio admits. «In the past, it could happen that a year’s entire harvest was lost, perhaps due to adverse weather conditions». The difference, compared to today? «We always started over, rolling up our sleeves, looking to the future with confidence». Winning weapon, their own philosophy: «Our product is unique: organic, biodynamic, produced with love. It tells of our biodiversity, which is precious». Today more than ever, these values – the health of the Earth, and the health of people – are in the forefront in the vineyards and in the cellar of Marchisio Family, at the forefront of research and experimentation: screw cap, ceramic amphorae, organic management also using experimental techniques borrowed from quantum mechanics, such as quartz crystals arranged in the rows to keep away golden flavescence using the invisible frequencies of minerals, with zero impact on the environment.

«Our hard work has always been rewarded, over time», says Sergio Marchisio: «Having a story to tell, a special story like ours, it has never been difficult to be understood: our enthusiasm has always been rewarded». A story that, over the years, has only grown richer: the Marchisio Family has made Arneis sparkling wine and then Nebbiolo as well, it was the first to vinify Nebbiolo in amphora and then also Pinot Noir, in Roero. So many records: a pioneering vocation. Then Covid arrived and stopped the world. Now, however, we are starting again: exports to the United States have also resumed. And now it’s Easter all over again. And in 2021 it has a special flavor. Happy rebirth to all, then: from the Marchisio Family, with the same passion and confidence as always.

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