Viticulture and sustainable energy. Green winery: it’s all the rage today, as we know. But green has always been law at the Marchisio Family. Certified organic winery. Biodynamic. Only indigenous yeasts and no added sulfites. By the way: sulfur close to zero, thanks to the choice to gradually renounce verdigris (essential oils, orange and rosemary, are better). Ancestral, Steiner methods: the manure-horn, if necessary the silica-horn. The biodynamic heap for ultra-green fertilization. And lots of green manures, to regenerate the soil after the summer season. And that’s not all: because the winery is literally zero impact. Powered by the sun.

«Yes, that’s right: total sustainability. For many years now, our machinery has been harnessing solar energy. Thanks to photovoltaic panels installed on the roof». Roofing however grassed: the winery is perfectly integrated into the vineyard. A little gem of environmental design. You can appreciate it even better today by enjoying an aperitif in the brand new winery. A large glassed-in space, completely immersed in the green of the rows of vines. «All this», say the Marchisio family, «helps to render the idea of our philosophy: maximum ecological consistency and absolute sincerity. This is how genuine, artisanal wines are born, with an extra edge: the explosive charge of aromas. The ability to interpret the varietal, capturing the purest expression of the Roero grape varieties».

Above all Arneis, then Nebbiolo and Barbera. Classic method bubbles, even ten years on the lees. And the fabulous ceramic amphora vinifications. All exquisitely green: the ecological footprint is a caress. Quietness, cleanliness, transparency. Great harmony: inter-rows full of flowers. More than vineyards, gardens. And the silent work of the sun, which provides the necessary energy. «We have always believed in this: it is our mission. To help the land recover its original fertility. Then the results come by themselves. And always with the utmost respect for the environment». Last gift, the new packaging for the bottles: 100% recyclable cardboard. Among the first, the Marchisios, to equip themselves with a refueling station for visitors’ electric cars: green mobility. «A family bet: defending our hills, making them greener and greener».

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