Far from the coronavirus, nature keeps us company: let’s try to listen to it, and it will not cease to amaze us

«Let’s stay at home», is the invitation from the Italian government, due to the “coronavirus” emergency that is affecting Europe and the rest of the World. To stay at home? It’s a real sacrifice for many people – but not for the Marchisio Family, which lives surrounded by the green of its hills. And there is more: spring is now in the air, and it speaks. There are many, the voices of spring: for example, the buzzing of bees on the first blooms. «Since Italy has become a great “red zone” – Elena Marchisio says – even on our land, which is already very quiet, a further, great silence has fallen». In confidence: «This peace is beautiful. It helps us to find a dimension that many had forgotten: the importance of human relationships, of daily gestures».

And not only that: «This profound silence, in the splendor of the meadows and vineyards, is interrupted by the voices of birds: today as never before it’s possible to appreciate their wonderful, uninterrupted concert». There are the tits, which greet the end of winter. And there are the small migrants, who are coming from Africa. Matter of a few days, and the swallows will also return. What do birds tell? A beautiful story: they say that, soon, life will resume its course. They teach that nature is invincible, like its laws. And the rhythm of the seasons – we can better perceive that too, in this great silence – will take over, also preparing for next summer its precious, organic gifts, produced with the knowledge of biodynamic philosophy. Meanwhile, let’s enjoy this fantastic chirping peace!

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