Climate and wine gradation: a topical issue. Just back from Vinitaly, the Marchisio Family confirms: «There is a growing demand for lighter wines, after the boom in 14.5-degree “heavy wines”. Of course, a lot depends on the weather». And indeed: it is precisely the weather that remains the great protagonist of the last period. After snowless winters and endless, practically dry summers, something is changing. «This spring is definitely cool and rainy: in late April, temperatures even make one fear the risk of some late frost, which is always possible».

Falling thermometer and trickling water. What to do. Better be ready for anything: «As soon as the temperature rises above 10 degrees, it is necessary to proceed with biological treatments», explains Fabio Marchisio: «The first warmth, on wet vines, immediately opens the way for downy mildew». In any case, moral is high: «A glance at the vineyards is enough», assures Sergio Marchisio, «to see how optimal the level of vegetation is: growth has already reached 20-30 centimeters. And the cool climate is not a problem at all, on the contrary: it favors a harmonious development of the clusters».

The climatic situation could help the production of less graded wines. «It would meet market demand, which now prefers freshness». A feedback, this, confirmed by the last edition of Vinitaly. The maxi-fair in Verona ended with an excellent balance, for the Marchisio Family: «We recorded important new contacts, both with Italy and abroad. And in particular with Canada, where we recently landed: the Canadians appreciate our Roero wines». Organic and biodynamic: unique, unmistakable. And tomorrow, perhaps, even less graded.

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