Biodynamic viticulture: what is it? Technicians reveal it: ultra-natural treatments, closely connected to the cycles of the sky. Or, if you like: it’s when wine «becomes an expression of the soul, thanks to research that recovers roots and emotions, combining them every day with the most promising word: tomorrow». The voice is that of Sergio Marchisio, recognized master of the specialty and courageous pioneer of absolute excellence in the Roero. Something out of the ordinary, which makes the Marchisio Family unique, an amazing exception. So why not tell the story of this marvelous adventure in a monograph? No sooner said than done: the small volume (“Sergio Marchisio. A man, a story, a territory”) has been prepared by the publisher Graffio, with texts by Giorgio Cattaneo and photographs by Stefano Fusaro. A portrait against the light: to better understand what’s really behind wines so rich in personality.

Biodynamic? Sure: «Because the future is an ancient country, to be lived together respecting our Mother Earth». Clear? No chemistry, just organic practices: like the seasonal green manure between the rows. Then the fertilization: the biodynamic heap, treated almost like a relic. And of course the “magic” trigger: the blessing of rain enriched with the precious fruit of the horn manure. A fertilizer with very high energy potential, which has slept for almost a year: first in the belly of the earth, then in the dark heart of the cellar. «The mission is simple», says Sergio: «To create a true alliance with the Earth, in accordance with the seasons and celestial energies. The result: to increase, year after year, the fertility of the soils. In this way, we obtain healthy and robust plants, capable of facing adversity. Vines that are bursting with health: this is the best way to ensure superior quality grapes. And this also explains the opulence of our wines. Always genuine and never the same, faithful to their vintage. They are very fragrant and “alive” wines: full of nuances, accents and taste memories, also thanks to natural yeasts».

Viticoltura biodinamica cos'è

The rest is history, of course. Sergio Marchisio was the first to plant Arneis in Castellinaldo, land of Barbera. The first to make sparkling Arneis. Among the very first to create a superb classic method (rosé) also from Nebbiolo. And speaking of Nebbiolo: Sergio was the first to vinify it in amphora. Result: the multi-awarded Valmaggiore. The “boss” of the Marchisio Family loves to experiment: the screw cap, by now, is a consolidated acquisition for many labels. He was the first, Sergio, to vinify Arneis in amphora. This challenge was also a resounding success, and was repeated with Pinot Noir and Riesling: the first in the Roero to be produced in ceramic containers. The password: never stop, never take anything for granted. Better to dare, always. As in the case of special pruning under the guidance of Massimo Pinna, renowned agronomist specialized in organic farming. Up to the quartz crystals prepared by a doctor, Dr. Emilio Terziano, to protect the vines with natural wave emissions, thanks to quantum physics.

«By dint of looking at it and questioning it, the sky – we read in the mini-book on Sergio Marchisio – one day perhaps you will end up sipping it; always if the sky itself will grant it to you, benevolently, asking you to cultivate dreams and raise vines like wonderful children scattered in clusters». An image that gives an idea of the family’s attitude: Fabio, Ivo and Francesca have been following in their father’s footsteps for some time, in the midst of the paradise that is the Roero. A very green universe, where you can strongly feel the heritage of the sea that once covered the hills. The right place to celebrate, every day, the future for which so much work has been done. Maybe even enjoying the recent arrival of the baby grandson Sergio Valentino, the latest gift from Fabio and Elena. All true: tomorrow is already here, full of joy. And it’s in a great hurry to grow even more.

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