The magic of biodynamic farming? Getting heaven’s agreement to help the earth. Or, as Jonathan Swift put it: growing two blades of grass where only one used to grow. It was 1726 when Swift wrote his “Gulliver’s Travels”. It was still two centuries before the advent of Rudolf Steiner. But the lesson was already clear: create a greener world. Today, the author of Gulliver’s Travels would compliment the Marchisio Family, a perfect example of biodynamic agriculture in Italy. Reason: year after year, they increase the fertility of their soils. How? Ivo Marchisio, the “wizard” of the family vineyards, explains it. No secret, of course: the formula is the ultra-biological one of biodynamic agriculture. This is especially noticeable at a time like this, after the harvest. The earth prepares for the long winter rest. And the Marchisio family helps it to have, literally, sweet dreams.

Joking apart: autumn is a fundamental moment for the natural balance of vineyards. The magic potion they receive? Simple: it comes from the “biodynamic cumulus”, a real deposit of precious essences. «Throughout the year – explains Ivo – we accumulate vine shoots and clippings, to which we then add marc». There is also animal manure: «Horse manure, in our case». A mixture that, over the months, is transformed into a powerful energy nutrient. «Right in this period we spread it in the vineyards, strengthening them». An “alchemic” practice, which ennobles the organic matter. And that is completed by the sprinkling of special biodynamic preparations.

Green manure is also fundamental: that is the winter sowing of herbaceous plants which give back to the vines the minerals they need more. All this – underlines Ivo Marchisio – is very important to increase the vigor of the plants, enriching the soil directly. The results can be felt, even in the glass: by now, even sommeliers recognize the special quality of biodynamic wines. What distinguishes them? From the breadth of the range of aromas, for example. «And the great thing is that the improvement is constant, year after year: the more time that passes, the more the processing transforms the soil, making it more vital». The “green” art of the biodynamic vignerons of Castellinaldo is also made of this: tenacity and wisdom. Objective: the constant search for great harmony. That which, in the end, is appreciated by anyone who uncorks a Marchisio Family bottle.

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