Summer, time for bubbles. The best sparkling wines? Of course: those that are born without chemicals. Certified organic wines. Even better if also biodynamic. Such is the case with Marchisio’s house sparkling wines. Two authentic jewels, which have made history. All true: together with Angelo Negro and Antonio Viglione, Sergio Marchisio was the first ever to sparkle Arneis. The only one, however, to bottle an ultra-green, completely “steinerian” nectar. Not only that: the Man of Records manages to keep it even 10 years on the lees. The result speaks for itself: an ultra-smooth “roerine Champagne” that can give points to many noble bottles from the Loire. This is confirmed by the enormous success that the Faiv, an amazing classic method, continues to enjoy. A true calling card, in Italy and abroad, for the Marchisio Family.

Exuberance, fullness, breadth. Of the Faiv, the aromas are first and foremost striking. Merit also goes to the biodynamic management of the vineyards, which are up to 25 years old. Only indigenous yeasts, for this super-bubble that continues to surprise public and critics. 100% Roero Arneis, ferments in steel and then undergoes soft pressing. The Faiv (Blanc de Blancs) expresses finesse and grace, balance and richness: lots of sunshine. «It’s a great satisfaction», Sergio Marchisio admits, «to see the success that this bet has had. So many years ago, no one had yet thought that Arneis could lend itself so well to being sparkling». A perfect goblet as an aperitif. But also an all-meal wine, given its consistency, for summer fish dinners.

The same style distinguishes the Marchisio Family’s other classic method, Faiv Rosé. A brut made from Nebbiolo grapes. The taste notes speak for themselves: bursting maritime fragrance. Lots of personality, even here. And perfectly blended tannins “in the inexhaustible freshness of a watercolor goblet, capable of great length”. Even the sparkling of Nebbiolo was a pioneering feat: «True, we were among the first ever». Needless to say, the Faiv Rosé also draws rapturous applause. To uncork it in summer is a double pleasure. What’s so special about it? The same qualities as its white “cousin”: very long aging and biodynamic soul. They never tire, Marchisio’s bubbles. And in summer you can even taste them outdoors, during the fantastic “aperitifs in the vineyard”. Best sparkling wines? Yes, they are. A sip of freshness, sure. But above all: a source of emotions.

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