An egg, a snake, a triangle. Three ancient symbols found in the Marchisio Family’s cellar. The egg is the ceramic amphora, imprinted with the Ouroboros, the snake biting its tail. And each amphora rests on a triangular pedestal, an emblem of the Trinity. Why dwell on such unusual themes today? Obviously: to talk about such a pivotal event as Passover, the rite of passage (from the Hebrew Pesah) that opens wide the door to the season of the sun. The resurrection of the earth: the magical moment when everything is reborn. Regeneration: at the very Easter season, the rows of vines are sprayed with the energetic mixture of horn manure, according to Rudolf Steiner’s prescriptions. And the biodynamic vines, as if by magic, respond by expressing vigorous momentum.

«Regardless of one’s beliefs», clarifies Sergio Marchisio, «that of Easter is also an important moment on a spiritual level: it contains the profound meaning of rebirth, symbolized in the strongest way by the Resurrection of Christ». A message that spans the millennia: to be ready to be reborn, as the earth does starting at the spring equinox. The egg? Another typically Easter symbol. It comes from Mary Magdalene, who is often depicted in the act of displaying an egg: it is the sacred casing from which new life will be born. «It’s no coincidence», Sergio admits, «that our amphorae have an ovoid shape as well: they protect the wine in the best way, they make it evolve with absolute harmony. So for us, too, the egg is the true incubator of the life to come, well expressed by our organic and natural wine».

A cyclical prodigy, as suggested by the Ouroboros: the circular snake that regenerates itself. It represents the universal energy that continually consumes and renews itself. The eternal repetition of nature: the infinite, the immortality of perfection. On the amphorae of the Marchisio Family, it is precisely the serpent that “protects” the egg. A symbol of wisdom, the reptile guards the secret of alchemy: the transmutation that transforms the raw material, along the path that starts from the grape and arrives at must and then wine, a masterpiece of refinement. Death and rebirth, indeed: the sacrifice of the cluster will give birth to something sublime. Kabbalist Vittoria Fornari, a great scholar of ancient traditions, dwells on the authentic spirit of Easter: in order to be reborn to new life, she explains, we must sacrifice and abandon a part of ourselves that no longer serves us. This is the key to any true existential “resurrection”.

It also applies to viticulture: to embrace spring, vines really need to put the rigors of winter behind them. This sounds like just talk, but it’s not. «This is a great moment, on which the whole season depends», Sergio Marchisio stresses. «It’s not just a matter of agronomic and enological expertise. On our part there is also and above all an intention, a feeling: the one that allows us, with the help of Heaven, to succeed in obtaining wines like ours, which are definitely unique». If you will, in between there is also a kind of silent prayer: a covenant with the soul of the earth. «That is why it’s so important, the religious solemnity of the Resurrection: it’s a great appointment with the happiness we all deserve. My wish comes from the heart: happy Easter, indeed. The whole world needs blessings. To be sealed with a beautiful toast, to the future that wants us to be “new” and ready to always start again».

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