“Family is the home of the heart”: the tagline of the Marchisio Family seems to perfectly frame the Christmas mood at the end of an entire season of work. The hopes of spring, the labors of summer and fall, the harvest, the “alchemical” work conducted in the cellar. Then finally comes Christmas: the warmth of the hearth, the pleasure of being together. «For us it’s the rule all year round», says Elena Marchisio: «To win, in our case, it is really the strength of the family: the union, the enthusiasm, the fellowship. Let’s face it: many difficulties we overcome that way, helping each other. And this ultimately also characterizes the fruit of our work: genuine wines, which are born from the heart».

Elena and Fabio, his brother Ivo, little sister Francesca: all grew up around dad Sergio, a true pioneer of natural wine in the Roero. «In Castellinaldo, land of Barbera», he recalls, «I was the first to plant Arneis, many years ago». The first, then, to sparkle it: classic method, like the other super-sparkling wine of the house (rosé, made from Nebbiolo). Speaking of records: Sergio Marchisio also signed the first Nebbiolo, in history, to be vinified in amphora: the multi-award-winning Valmaggiore. Son, too, of a single project: the family, as custodian and guarantor of organic and highly personal, unmistakable wines with a unique personality. Capable of telling the territory in an exclusive, intense and convincing way, with an inimitable style.

All this – they emphasize at the Marchisio Family – is achieved only through extraordinary teamwork. «And since Christmas has always been the great family holiday», says Elena, «we like to extend our best wishes to the other great ‘family,’ that of the friends and enthusiasts who appreciate our wines». The loyalists, the new admirers, the critics who recognize the fragrance of excellence: a real community, nourished by comfortable certainties. They know that that wonder cellar churns out absolute guarantees and constant surprises: like the latest, refined experiments (from Pinot Noir to Riesling, both vinified in ceramic amphorae).

A scrupulous follower of biodynamic viticulture, Sergio Marchisio – a great reader of Rudolf Steiner – knows perfectly well how much it matters, the natural calendar, to make memorable wines. First rule: respect the dictates of heaven. And Christmas itself, since ancient times, celebrates the “rebirth” of the sun, after the dark nights of the winter solstice. There could be no better omen as we extend our gaze into the new year. «Nothing better, then, than a festive toast under the tree», uncorking a Marchisio Family bottle. «Sincerely, Merry Christmas to all: best wishes!».

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