A miracle called Valmaggiore: organic and biodynamic, amphora and screw cap. A courageously amazing Nebbiolo, born to amaze

There are gentle wines and severe wines, wines full of feelings and vertical wines, sincere and deep, which need time to explode in breadth and complexity, without renouncing the floral scent of the summer that saw them born. There is all this, in Valmaggiore, a truly unique red, which never ceases to amaze. It’s the latest experiment by Sergio Marchisio, born among the very steep vineyards of the renowned Vezza d’Alba hill, cradle of the most famous Nebbiolo wines from Roero, grown in a lucky mixture of marl and sand of marine origin.

Valmaggiore is having great success, and the news lies in the fact that it’s a more than surprising bottle, capable of enclosing all the essence of the Marchisio Family: organic and biodynamic in this case they marry with winemaking and the refinement in ceramic amphorae, then bravely ending up on the table with an unexpected screw cap. It’s an out of order Nebbiolo, really, just waiting to be opened to start surprising. Seeing is believing: and in fact word of mouth is working, between wine bars and restaurants.

It’s a kind of revolution, that of Valmaggiore, which has within it something very ancient and primordial – earth and sky, Caucasian origins – and then it flourishes in the glass like any real great wine, a fascinating alchemy of elegance and abysses. After all, Valmaggiore has just started to speak, but he already has endless speeches in store.

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