Pure strength, natural energy: the best medicine against stress, especially when the whole world is showing signs of restlessness. Biodynamic wine is a sort of elixir: and today many people are noticing it. Even particular sources, which usually deal with anything else, are talking about it. For example, “Finanza News 24”, a magazine dedicated to economics: it’s Antonia De La Vega who spends some precise words on the product of Steinerian viticulture (the one in respect to which Sergio Marchisio was an absolute pioneer, in the Roero). Obvious premise: wine is not just a mixture of crushed grapes: it’s much more. «It’s a fusion of land, tradition and philosophy of life». That’s right. And biodynamic agriculture «allows the plants to give the best of themselves». It’s necessary to let the terroir express itself, the vineyard, treating it with love: no invasive practices, zero chemistry, only green fertilizers. Even copper and sulfur (which are allowed under organic regulations) are reduced to a minimum at the Marchisio Family: «We prefer to use essential oils of orange and rosemary».

Then someone is surprised, if in the goblet perceives a practically infinite bouquet? It’s all there, the secret: the compounds that are used – summarizes “Finance News” – are those that trigger the processes of humus formation (the Preparation 500) and stimulate the functions of light and heat (the 501). «Instead of fighting disease, we activate mechanisms to allow the vineyard to defend itself and regain its health, defying the logic of modern industrial agriculture». De La Vega writes, «With the help of biodynamic methods, we obtain fruit that can tell ‘the story of life,’ since it is directly related to the minerality of the soil, the climate and the variety of the plant». Pampered with biodynamics, the vine «expresses itself in its totality, retaining aromas and sugars in a more complex and profound way».

The result comes from itself. Namely: «Wines having an extremely marked character and that always surprise for the great gustatory sensations they offer, generally very direct. They are wines which strongly affect a person’s subconscious and arouse emotions». The highest fidelity is reached with few, sincere devices: fermentation without the addition of external yeasts, as only natural yeasts, autochthonous, present in the skin of berries are rigorously used. Another advantage: very low sulfur dioxide, imperceptible. The Marchisio Family is twice as green: certified organic, as well as biodynamic. «With us, the plant preserves its original energy, nourished by the connections between space and environment: a natural harmony that becomes a real panacea, as well as a great pleasure». The difference is discovered at the first tasting: you don’t meet a wine, but an experience. A precious gift: the magic of a glass of sunshine, full of memory, able to speak for a long time.

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