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A glass of magic: it’s “green” the Steinerian secret of Marchisio Family’s wines, with all the energy of Sun inside

Pure strength, natural energy: the best medicine against stress, especially when the whole world is showing signs of restlessness. Biodynamic wine is a sort of elixir: and today many people are noticing it. Even particular sources, which usually deal with anything else, are talking about it. For example, “Finanza News 24”, a magazine dedicated to

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Explosive and ultra-natural: here is the first biodynamic Roero Arneis vinified in amphora, created to be as long-lived as a red wine

Have you ever seen an Arneis made like this? Not at all: it took Sergio Marchisio to extract another unsuspected soul from the white that has historically relaunched the fine viticulture of the Roero. The Marchisio Family’s “traditional” Arneis was already very different from the others: explosive aromas and scents all its own, thanks to

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Grape harvest

The magic of our wines? It comes from special soils, enriched with biodynamic humus: year after year, the results are more and more spectacular

«A harvest is approaching that promises to be spectacular, thanks to a particularly happy season: lots of sunshine and a bit of rain at the right time». Sergio Marchisio already anticipates the harvest 2020: it will be a year to remember, fortunately, not only because of the coronavirus. But the merit, in the case of

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La Marchisio Family inaugura il nuovo servizio di delivery. Il vostro vino preferito consegnato a domicilio.

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