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Roero Arneis
Grape harvest

The Roero Arneis 2021, biodynamic jewel of Piedmont, saved from hail

Berry by berry, cluster by cluster: painstaking work, between rows affected by hail, to save the golden nectar of the season. «I admit it: this harvest is one of the most problematic of my life». Sergio Marchisio doesn’t hide it: the “storm” that hit some of his green vineyards, at the beginning of summer, irreparably

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Ready to be reborn, in the spirit of Easter, after the great Covid crisis: we trust in the values of biodiversity, which make us unique

Resurrection, that is regeneration: ther’s something profound that links a religious event like Easter to the seasonal breath of the Earth, in its orbit around the Sun. It’s like an impulse to be reborn, after the long winter. «The art of resurrection, after all, belongs to the same peasant culture, the one from which we

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Marchisio Family joins Fivi: couldn’t miss, among the independent winemakers who protect the rural authenticity

It may seem like yet another medal, and perhaps it is: in a certain sense, the Marchisio Family couldn’t be missing from the other great family, that of Fivi, the authentic guardian of Italian wine excellence entrusted to exquisitely artisanal and eco-sustainable production. «I’ve always liked the ethos of the Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Indipendenti (Italian

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La Marchisio Family inaugura il nuovo servizio di delivery. Il vostro vino preferito consegnato a domicilio.

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