The most modern wine today is born in the oldest container: the amphora. Grasping the oxymoron are oenologists and sommeliers, such as Valerio Sisti: already used well before the introduction of glass, the amphora has become the most “perfomant” of containers. It protects the wine perfectly, allows it to evolve gently. And it allows it to express itself at its best, letting all its essence be released. Amphora wine, then: now a habit, at Marchisio’s house. «The news? We are bottling wines harvested in 2022. Vinified and evolved in ceramic for a year and a half: Nebbiolo Valmaggiore, Roero Arneis and Pinot Noir. And now the bottles will rest for at least six months before being uncorked».

Those who were able to taste the 2021 labels – of those wines – were astounded by their fantastic evolution. Over time, refined tertiary aromas emerge: one surprise after another. The effect dilutes the personality of the individual grape variety to the fullest: it makes it “speak” to the core, revealing unsuspected nuances. All credit to the amphora, which marries wonderfully with the organic specification and biodynamic processing. No tricks, neither in the vineyard nor in the cellar. And the result is exciting: absolute purity. One ends up discovering the true olfactory and taste identity of the vines, in their original integrity: without added yeasts or corrections of any kind. A heritage of accents and depth, which never ceases to amaze.

The rediscovery of the amphora represents avant-garde viticulture well: it suits those who like to experiment with new possibilities all the time. Experts confirm the value of the material: terracotta and especially ceramic (chosen by the Marchisio Family for its exclusive qualities). Many advantages. For example, optimal thermal insulation: the amphora protects the wine better than steel and concrete do. Then it facilitates the cleaning of the vessels: at each production cycle, the amount of liquid that penetrates the inner surfaces is negligible. Fundamental, above all, is controlled micro-oxygenation: it’s guaranteed by the natural porosity of the clay.

Precisely the micro-oxygenation ensures a “gentle” evolution, which gives the wine an extreme smoothness. All this contributes to preserving in the best possible way the most precious endowment: varietal scents. Evident: the amphora is not affected by the electrostatic problems of steel or the drawbacks of wood (which can release specific aromas and tannins). The outcome is spectacular: absolute, unique, unforgettable wines. Sergio Marchisio is an amphora pioneer: he was the first, in the world, to vinify Nebbiolo in ceramics. He confesses: «Wine is emotion, first of all. And what could be more exciting than making it back to its origins?». From the Caucasus to the Roero: a good bet, immediately rewarded. «Indeed it is: they like our wines in amphora very much».

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