What a sight, the flowering of the vines. The news? «Climatically speaking, we are back to ten years ago: that is, with the flowers appearing not before mid-May». It’s Sergio Marchisio who gives the good news: a perfect spring, that of 2023. Until last year, flowering was considerably early: the fault of abnormal temperatures, too high. This time, however, it seems to be going back to the old way: the vineyard is vegetating at the right time. It’s cool, and you can feel it. «Only a little rain is missing: in the Roero rainfall continues to be lower, compared to the Langhe. But let’s not despair: the weather forecast announces more rain, and maybe the new moon could prolong the low pressure, relieving the thirst of our soils».

Meanwhile, we enjoy the miracle of flowering: this is the time when the vine expresses its greatest momentum, its vigor. Thousands of flowers, one after another, open on the future clusters. Blooming is first the central part, then the base and finally the tips and wings. Each inflorescence is fragrant and attracts bees.With pollination, thanks to insects and simply the wind, the ripening inflorescences will give birth to the actual grape clusters. From each fertilized little flower, in fact, a berry will form. Immediately after flowering, with the berries now formed on the clusters, the vine will enter the fruit set stage.

The time of flowering remains decisive and delicate. It can last up to 15 days, depending on weather conditions. Always the climate – experts remind us – also affects fruit set, that is, the formation of clusters. Generally, a warm, sunny and dry climate is ideal for a successful flowering, thus for a good fruit set. Maximum attention, therefore, between the rows: fungal diseases that can spread at this time are likely to be troublesome. «To avoid risks», explains Sergio Marchisio, «we are already proceeding with the timely mowing of the grass: it is the best system not to induce imbalances in the vine, which must devote itself only to flowering and flower fertilization».

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