Pruning the vineyard in the winter period: a decisive and always delicate operation. «This year, then, we have to multiply labors and attentions», explains Ivo Marchisio, at work among the rows. «Last season, marked by great drought, forced the vines to endure great stress. So it’s necessary to take special care of each plant, helping it to reinvigorate itself as best as possible». That of winter pruning is a kind of art. One must know how to “interpret” the needs of each individual vine. The goal: to support it in the right way, so that it regains momentum. A job that requires sensitivity, passion, expertise. And also a good dose of experience. Qualities that are not lacking in Ivo Marchisio, perfectly at home in the family vineyards.

«It really has to be said: what we are facing this winter is a real super job». Mission: «To preserve the great winemaking potential of our precious plants». You can tell: the Marchisio Family’s wines, certified organic, are born from the purest biodynamic viticulture. «A natural method that hardens the vines, year after year, making them more and more resistant: even in case of hail or, indeed, prolonged drought». That’s why precisely judicious pruning represents the strategic heart of winter work, in the vineyard. Maximum care, in choosing – for each plant – the most appropriate intervention.

There are two decisive shoots, in pruning: the long “fruit-head”, which is destined to produce the clusters, and the short “spur”, which will relieve it the following year. «This year, we are proceeding in slow motion: just to make sure that each plant gets all the care it needs». Admits Ivo: «It will take longer, but it’s worth it: our vines are a real asset, the absolute quality we seek in wine depends on them». Excellence to which the very “green” character of cultivation contributes. Merit of Steiner biodynamics: it manages to greatly increase the fertility of the soils. Giving the wines a truly amazing range of aromas.

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