Summer rains and grape harvest: the season saved by rain, in extremis. After the great heat, a blessing from the sky. At least 60 millimeters of rainwater, in a few hours, on thirsty vineyards. And then the other welcome surprise: cool weather, right on the heels of August. «”We breathe a sigh of relief», admits Fabio Marchisio: «Maximum temperatures had exceeded 40 degrees. And with overnight humidity close to 100 percent». Now, the alarm is over: «Conditions are optimal to get to the grape harvest in the best possible way».

The harvest had been brought forward in recent days for Pinot Noir. «Beautiful clusters, but the sun was in danger of drying them out». Hence the decision to harvest in mid-August, to avoid risks. Mission accomplished: «We will have our 4,000 bottles». Niche production, maximum excellence: the first biodynamic Pinot Noir produced in amphora, in the Roero. Elegant and very smooth. One of the Marchisio Family’s “medals”: the great French red, free to express itself under our sunshine. Returning, intact, its very fine fragrance.

«The rainfall of the last few days – Fabio explains – allow us to revise our plans: we were ready for an emergency, hurried harvest. Instead, the rain and lowering temperatures allow us to calmly modulate the calendar». In the coming days it will be the turn of Roero Arneis. The reds, on the other hand, will have more time: first Barbera, then Nebbiolo. «This is confirmed by the forecast: the red grape varieties will have a chance to gently complete the ripening of the berries».

Until the very last, the 2023 season experienced climatic twists and turns. The excessively dry winter offset by a cold and delayed spring. For the first time in a decade, flowering occurred only in mid-May. Then the drought returned. An abnormal summer, with peaks of extreme heat. And now, finally, the happy ending: «In a few days, the water that has just fallen will allow the berries to reach the optimal standard. Cool nights and afternoon sunshine will do the rest». In other words: after much apprehension, a bumper harvest is announced.

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