Special quartz crystals along the rows of vines to keep flavescence away: this is the Marchisio Family’s latest “green” frontier.

Special sentinels against golden flavescence: these are the quartz crystals installed in the rows of vines by a futuristic company like Pentater, founded in Piedmont by Dr. Emilio Terziano, a doctor, and his son, engineer Andrea Terziano. Specialty: managing the “subtle energies” that, in invisible ways, condition our lives. «We are literally exploring the new frontiers of biophysics», says Dr. Terziano, an experienced hospital gynecologist, now specializing in “vibrational medicine”. Translated: how to defend our body from the effects, even dangerous, of low intensity electromagnetic waves, such as those of electronic equipment that produce electrosmog. But not only: «Taking into account that everything emits vibrations, the secret lies in knowing how to read, intercept and reject them».

From the human body to the vine, the step is short: by means of special “informed” crystals, by using the most recent knowledge provided by quantum mechanics, the same plants can receive special “instructions”, which enable them to keep threats and pathologies at a distance. «Being a “preventive therapy” absolutely at zero impact – says Sergio Marchisio – we gladly accepted to extend this experiment to our vineyards». In practice, Andrea and Emilio Terziano explain, quartz crystals (placed at intervals along the rows) contribute to create a favorable “vibrational field”, capable of repelling the advance of flavescence.

«For us – say the Marchisio Family – it’s exciting to participate in initiatives like this: we have always been in favor of natural experimentation, which interacts painlessly with the ecosystem». The quartz crystals against flavescence, after all, are only the latest step in the virtuous path taken by one of the “greenest” wineries in the Roero, organic and biodynamic, at the forefront of environmentally sustainable treatments. An important story, that of the Marchisio Family, which boasts prestigious collaborations such as those with the University of Turin and AIAB itself, the Italian association for organic agriculture. By now the rows of vines feel the warmth of the season approaching: and now there are also those formidable, silent quartz crystals guarding the vines.

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