Sergio Marchisio: spectacular bunches of grapes, our organic vineyards already announce a truly gratifying harvest 2020

There are all the prerequisites for the 2020 harvest to be one of the exceptional ones: «Just look at our grapes: they are literally spectacular, even now». Sergio Marchisio is more than optimistic about the current season, despite the unhappy moment for the world wine market, also damaged by the Covid pandemic. Positive note: the lockdown has made spring 2020 even greener. Many people have noticed this: the Earth’s atmosphere has been cleared of many poisons. All the more reason, the Marchisio Family’s biodynamic rows shine: «We have limited ourselves to very few treatments, among those allowed by the strictly biological regime, just when in Piedmont additional chemical treatments have been authorized because of the insistent rains: problems – Sergio Marchisio says – that don’t even touch our conduction, absolutely natural».

A philosophy, the biological and biodynamic one, that rewards – at a distance – the investment made on the natural health of the vines and on the progressive increase of soil fertility. Result: stronger plants, always in excellent health and in need of very few treatments (only organic). «With our zero impact systems we have tackled the problem of powdery mildew and neutralized downy mildew», Sergio says. «We were also lucky: the hail, which hit Langhe, completely spared our vineyards». The operations proceed: «Now we’re defoliating the rows, then we’ll move on to cutting the grass». And in the meantime, the show encourages optimism: «Our grapes are bursting with health: they just seem to announce a truly exceptional season».

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