Reinvigorating the vineyard, against flavescence: new vine shoots and ultra-green techniques, in the sign of the eternal springtime of the Marchisio Family

To renew, to be reborn: they represent a hymn to spring, the rooted cuttings planted between the rows of the Marchisio Family, in this period, to replace the vines that during the 2020 season had suffered the attack of golden flavescence. «Replacing the plants is a challenging but absolutely necessary operation – explain Ivo and Fabio Marchisio – to protect our vineyard and its natural, organic and biodynamic integrity». The winery decided to plant 1,200 rootstocks, thus strengthening the production of all the vines present. «We chose young plants that were already a year old, in order to have more guarantees about their rooting and give more vigor to our production».

The cuttings are inserted into the ground with the special protection of their “shelter”, the case that protect them from the weather and the appetite of the hares. «Thanks to the greenhouse effect guaranteed by the “shelter” – Ivo and Fabio assure – around the seedlings the ideal microclimate is created for their growth, and their momentum towards the sunlight». These are operations that the Marchisio Family fits perfectly into her ecological strategy, aimed at recovering the progressive fertility of the soil through the Bio methods of sustainable and Steinerian agriculture.

To combat flavescence (which affects Piedmont’s wine-producing areas in a widespread manner), the company also uses experimental techniques: from the “vegetable vaccine” currently being tested in collaboration with the University of Turin, to quartz crystals “informed” according to the principles of quantum physics. Dr. Emilio Terziano proposed them: his futuristic company, Pentater, is specialized in the control of “subtle energies”. «Ours – reiterates Sergio Marchisio – are all zero impact procedures, aimed at preserving the naturalness of our vineyards and, therefore, of our wines».

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