Rain and good harvest: what to expect? Easy answer, for once: everything is going right. Finally, after so much thirst, here is the long-awaited “shower” from the sky. «In the last 7 days, 81 millimeters of water fell on our rows. And in the last month, the rain gauge has recorded 114 millimeters». Record values, underlines Fabio Marchisio: «In 30 days it has rained an amount of water almost equal to that which fell in the whole of 2023». The best guarantee, then, for a vigorous and greenest spring. So an optimal season seems to be heralded, with thriving bunches and juice-rich grapes. Not bad, after tiring vintages marked by drought, to the detriment of harvested volumes.

Last year, in particular, alarm had shaken the entire wine-producing Piedmont. The Region had gone so far as to consider the idea of a special plan for irrigation, creating appropriate water reservoirs. The climatic stress for vines added to the suffering accumulated already in the previous year: precisely 2022 – Arpa confirmed – was the hottest and the second least rainy in the entire historical series since 1958, after the red-hot peak of 2015. By contrast, the very humid 2014 remains in history, with its intense Nebbiolos that came out only at a distance, thanks to patient refinement. Alchemy and little magic: these are the specialty of biodynamic viticulture.

The Steiner method, followed by the Marchisio Family, progressively hardens soils and vines, keeping plants sheltered from the vagaries of the weather. «Now, however, water shortages were becoming a real problem for us as well», Fabio Marchisio admits. Overjoyed, then, that the solution literally rained down from the clouds in March: heavy precipitations that blanketed the Alps and irrigated the hillsides. Of course, technicians warn, the right balance is needed: too much water multiplies pests and dilutes juices, forcing rigorous thinning to preserve quality concentration.

Problems, these, that could have been a thing of the past: for too many years, in fact, it has been thirst that has been the main issue. Thanks to Jupiter Pluvio, therefore, today the optimism is palpable: the conditions are in place for an excellent harvest. Of course, with all the necessary cautions: «If the rain pushes the vegetative recovery of the vines, until the last remains the fear of some spring frost». Meanwhile, the greatest danger is archived. The 2024 vintage seems to be born under the sign of abundance. For the rest, the Marchisio family is working – as always – to give their best: knowing that the uncertainties of the weather are part of the life of those accustomed to working under the sky.

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