Pinot Noir in amphora, the first to be produced in the Roero. It occupies a place of honor in the history of the Marchisio Family: watchword, experiment. True pioneers of natural, organic and biodynamic wine. The news? The berries have already completed veraison: the dark color confirms the degree of ripeness achieved. «At this rate – explains Fabio Marchisio – we will anticipate the harvest to mid-August, or at the latest at the end of the month». Thanks to the explosion of the very hot summer. «Fortunately, Pinot Noir did not suffer from drought: on the vineyard, three thousand meters of rows at Bricco Medica in Priocca, enough rain fell».

All excellent, the season’s indicators for Pinot Noir: «We are not carrying out any treatments, except for a little sulfur to contain powdery mildew. Conditions are perfect and do not require any special interventions». In other words: it promises to be a spectacular vintage. «In fact – Fabio confirms – this will be the first really productive harvest, for this wine, given the young age of the vines. Last season was unfortunately lean, due to water shortages». This year, however, all is well: finally. The summer acceleration – great heat – was preceded by a cool spring, with blooms delayed compared to the calendar of the last ten years.

Pinot Noir in amphora? Yes: a real gem. Certified organic and produced with the criteria of Steiner viticulture. A production of excellence, for enthusiasts: just over two thousand bottles. And the flavor of a challenge – the umpteenth – once again won: in this case, to let the prince of French red grape varieties, son of the cold of Burgundy, express himself at his best (in our almost Mediterranean climate). The result? Awesome: «Our red confirms the unmistakable Pinot Noir personality, made essentially of finesse. And with us, the varietal is enriched with accents and roundness. Thanks mainly to the magic of the amphora: which gives the wine great balance and extreme smoothness».

A fragrant goblet: raspberry and cherry, strawberry and blueberry. Then also ripe fruit and notes of underbrush, leather and licorice. A kind of music: the great harmony between elegance and richness. «Since the tannic component of the vine is certainly not exuberant – explains Sergio Marchisio, Fabio’s father – the “alchemical” key to our Pinot Noir lies precisely in the dosage of its acidity. And the final touch (so soft, gentle) is the great gift of the amphora». As if Burgundy was reborn in the Roero, thanks to the ancestral art of the Caucasus: ceramic winemaking. And now, after years of steadily increasing testing, we are one step closer to triumph: a Pinot Noir to the nth degree, yet ready to be harvested in midsummer.

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