Now, here in the winery, you can recharge your electric car

We know; it was just a matter of time. Ours has always been a notoriously eco-friendly and perfectly sustainable winery. All the electrical equipment is fed by solar energy, captured by panels that cover the ceiling (at least the part free of the earth – in fact, the rest of the cellar is invisible and underground; a vineyard is growing above it!). But, as we were saying, providing the possibility to recharge the batteries of electric cars is still news. And, in fact, we are here to announce that officially. Visitors, who come to find us in their zero-emission electric cars, can now profit from our brand new refuelling station. In just the time it takes for a tasting the car will be recharged and ready to leave. Naturally – and do we really need to say it? – the energy with which they “fill up” here, will always be the same: that from the sun!

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