New bet for the Marchisio Family, the vineyard just planted on the Bricco Medica will produce Pinot Noir vinified in amphora

There’s always something sacred about planting a vine. It’s a symbol of hope, especially at a time when the World is suffering a great crisis like the one today, triggered by the pandemic. «It’s our way to smile at the future, and to thank – once again – our earth, and the sky under which we work». This is how Sergio Marchisio explains the spirit in which 8,300 rooted cuttings were planted on the spectacular hill of Bricco Medica in Priocca, between Castellinaldo d’Alba and the Tanaro river, during the waning moon last May 2. Two hectares of vineyard, specially prepared to accommodate 50% Barbera, and the other half Pinot Noir (35-40%), plus a 10-15 of Nebbiolo. To welcome the new planting is a magnificent rose: it’s the sentry who, at the head of the row, will be the first to sound the alarm in case powdery mildew should appear.

«The small vines have taken root very well, and are now half a meter high», Sergio explains. This is also due to the day chosen for their planting: a “root day”, which – according to Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic philosophy – corresponds to the most favourable period for new plantings. «If all goes well, in three years we can start harvesting the first bunches of grapes». Thanks to the new rows of Bricco Medica, added to those of Bussia in Monforte d’Alba, the production of Pinot Noir by the Marchisio Family will be able to cross the finish line of 4,000 bottles: «We are very happy with this experiment: ours is the first ever Langhe Pinot Noir produced in amphora, in our area, and has already obtained more than encouraging approval».

The Pinot Noir is yet another confirmation of the pioneering vocation of Sergio Marchisio, the first to make Arneis sparkling wine and the first to make Nebbiolo wine in amphora. Excellent auspices also for the new Bricco Medica vineyard: «Before planting, the soil has been carefully prepared and enriched with the humus we produce, according to Steinerian dictates, through our “biodynamic cumulus”». Quintessences: earth that returns to the earth, transporting memories. «Returning the soil to its natural fertility is our mission: an indispensable operation, to obtain wines that are powerfully natural, deep and rich in their nuances». Loyalty and passion: these are the qualities on which the Marchisio Family’s biological commitment is based. And Bricco Medica is just the last bet.

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