Does it rain every day now? Sure, spring 2024 erases the memory of drought, a real nightmare of previous seasons. By contrast, rain opens the door wide to unwelcome guests, in the vineyard. «The first problem is called downy mildew. Then, as temperatures rise, powdery mildew will come». The Marchisio Family’s answer, which produces organic and biodynamic wines? Simple: natural remedies against infections in the vineyards. «We now treat the vines with essential oils: orange, rosemary and others. An ultra-natural mix, which now allows us to reduce copper and sulfur inputs to almost zero».

Discounted, unfortunately, is the super work. «The organic specification, which prohibits us from using systemic chemicals, requires us to multiply treatments in case of rain». In practice, Fabio again explains, operators are always on the alert: «Every five days we proceed with sprinkling. It’s a covering treatment, so as never to give the blight time to develop. And the natural mixture that accompanies the plant essences allows the vines to absorb the essential oils sooner and better. Ad theese oils are a formidable defense against infection. An ecological and absolutely clean weapon, with no chemical fallout: the consumer’s health is in no danger».

Everything smooth? Not always: «Some days ago, for example, our sprayer tipped over». It’s the machinery, pulled by the tractor, that provides spraying for the rows. All the fault of the mud: «Prolonged rains compact the soil, creating a slimy layer that can compromise the stability of agricultural equipment». Fabio Marchiso jokes about it: «The ironic post we made on Instagram, with the sprayer upside down, got a lot of likes». As in: inconveniences of the trade. «But don’t worry, we fixed the tool already within the day». And even today it is at work, protecting the vineyards by nipping any possible infection in the bud.

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