It may seem like yet another medal, and perhaps it is: in a certain sense, the Marchisio Family couldn’t be missing from the other great family, that of Fivi, the authentic guardian of Italian wine excellence entrusted to exquisitely artisanal and eco-sustainable production. «I’ve always liked the ethos of the Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Indipendenti (Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers)», Sergio Marchisio admits. «It’s a network that rewards the tenacity and seriousness of those who are committed to offering a genuine, healthy product based on rigorously clean processes and without resorting to strange artifices in the cellar». Good, clean and fair: Slow Food’s slogan seems to be perfectly suited to the style of the 1300 winemakers who are members of Fivi, in full harmony with their French, Swiss, Spanish counterparts and with every other corner of Europe which produces absolute quality, in the glass. These are often family-owned, medium-small companies, proud of the biodiversity of their wines: a heritage that remains protected from the temptations of industry.

With its Roero varieties – such as Arneis – and the other great Piedmontese vines, first of all Barbera and Nebbiolo, the Marchisio Family now contributes to strengthening the voice of Fivi, which defends small productions and the dignity of the winemakers. Added values at Marchisio: organic certification and biodynamic viticulture. And then the incessant search for naturalness, as evidenced by the use of the amphora: Valmaggiore was the first Nebbiolo in Piedmont, vinified in ceramic. A successful experiment, replicated with Pinot Noir: the first, in the Roero, to be aged in terracotta containers. Founded in 2008 under the banner of absolute transparency – in the vineyard and in the cellar – Fivi fights for the most sincere soul of Italian wine: the one that preserves, with artisanal viticulture, the most beautiful hills of the world. «Our membership to Fivi is more than convinced – says Sergio Marchisio – and it also expresses a wish: that 2021 will help everyone to look at the future with renewed confidence».

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