Here is a preview of the Arneis 2020: a fantastic white wine, with overwhelming aromas, the result of a truly remarkable vintage

It seems endless, just like the horizon of the hills: the bouquet floods the senses like a May meadow, overflowing with flowers and essences, while the taste immediately recalls its maritime origin, its birth from soils full of fossil shells. It’s savory and mineral, almost brackish, like the seabed when the sea still submerged the lands of the Roero, on the left bank of the Tanaro, right in front of the Langhe. We’re talking about the Arneis 2020 just bottled by Marchisio Family: a party of fragrances, amazingly expressed by a memorable season, for viticulture, and further amplified by the management of vineyards, strictly based on Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic lesson.

«I admit it: it’s a great satisfaction», says Sergio Marchisio. «Precisely biodynamic agriculture has the ability to extract the best, from the soil and therefore from the vines, year after year: the range of aromas that can be achieved, over time, thanks to a natural technique that constantly increases the fertility of the soil, is incomparable». The 2020 harvest, then, crowned a spectacular season: «The weather was on our side: the right amount of sunshine, and a little rain at the right time». Roero Arneis “Costa delle Rose” is the flagship product of the winery, which produces 100,000 bottles from 18 hectares. Harvested on September 20, 2020, it was bottled on March 12, 2021. «Let’s give it a little month to refine, in the bottle, and then let’s get ready to be surprised: this is a very special Arneis, born to amaze».

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