Once upon a time there was packaging, the green kind. All green: completely recyclable boxes. Now we’re super-green: «The ribbon for the closure is made of paper. And the ink for the ‘Marchisio Family’ inscription is entirely biodegradable (indeed, recyclable)». And it’s just the latest achievement of the company, which is organic and biodynamic. Absolute sustainability, even in packaging. «We have adopted a French type: the color of the cardboard – dark brown – further facilitates recycling. In short: ecological footprint, zero».

This is how Fabio Marchisio photographs yet another green step for the winery: packaging. New packaging, flat: 6 bottles. Elegant solution. And very effective, ecologically speaking. Incidentally: also in 2023 the Marchisio Family was away in Montpellier for “Millesime Bio”: the most important European exhibition of organic wine. «Everything, with us, is strictly natural: the winery itself is literally “invisible”, buried right under the vines».

Not only that. The Marchisios are in pole position, in the ecological transition. Winery machinery is powered by photovoltaic panels. And for some time now, welcoming visitors, there is a refueling service (Tesla) electric cars. Reasoned choices that respond to a forward-looking philosophy. The choice of Bio. And the “Steinerian” practice since many years. Mission: to restore natural vigor to the vines. Soil fertility: the viaticum for special wines. Of course, the best green packaging could not be missing either.

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