Thanks to our amphorae, wine returns to the Earth’s womb

They are marked by an ancient, good luck symbol: an egg, protected by the wise snake wrapped around it. This is the emblem that distinguishes our amphorae, those that Sergio Marchisio introduced to the cellar to salvage the ancestral memory of the art of wine, born in the Caucasus thousands of years ago. They are ceramic, allowing the wines to breath while naturally protecting them from temperature changes. Cradled by the amphora, our wine undergoes a subtle transformation; it is as if it remains young on the one hand, maintaining the memory of the vineyard and all its scents, while at the same time, fully developing – acquiring maturity – until it achieves a smoothness and body that never ceases to enchant us. It is difficult to cease sampling this wine. This is also why we rely on your help! We sincerely await you. Taste it and tell us what you think. We’re sure you will be as surprised as us and enjoy the same emotions.

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