Exports start again, also in Northern Europe. And the Marchisio Family is back in California, with the ultra-ecological standards of Dry Farm

California dreamin’, sang the Mamas & Papas. But now, despite the drastic export blackout due to Covid, California is no longer a dream. At least, it’s not for the Marchisio Family: thanks in part to an ultra-ecological distributor of all-natural wines. «Ours have a residual sugar of just 0.05%, and for this reason we fall perfectly within the strict parameters of this Anglo-Saxon buyer, specialized in exclusively certified organic wines». And so it’s that – through our “green” importer – the whites and reds wines produced in Castellinaldo (according to the biodynamic dictates of Steinerian viticulture) have begun to cross the Ocean again, overtaking the borders of the United States».

«It’s a good sign», says Sergio Marchisio, «which, among other things, rewards, once again, our ecological vocation: we guarantee a particularly healthy wine, clean, without chemicals, and enriched by the scents that only the fertility of the “biodynamic” soil can give back in the glass». A commitment to which the distributor himself adheres: «Our Californian importer bets on respect, for the Earth and for people». It’s now spring, in general, for all exports: «They are still timid indications, but encouraging: our exports are recovering, especially in Northern Europe, in countries like Germany and Denmark». Good news: «It’s true, bars and restaurants are still closed in many countries, due to lockdowns. But on the other hand, online delivery is growing». It’s the prelude to a long-awaited and imminent recovery. Everyone’s dream: to be free again. And not only in California!

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