When to bottle Barbera d’Alba and Langhe Nebbiolo? «We just did», the Marchisio’s reply: «Soon, after the necessary rest in the bottle, the fragrant freshness of the younger, immediate reds can be appreciated». Two remarkable examples of green, organic and biodynamic viticulture. The expression of varietal character is accentuated, in purity, by the exclusive use of native yeasts. Two perfect reds that wonderfully reflect the essence of Roero, letting the richness of the aromas win out first and foremost. Accents and nuances that reward the natural method, giving each year the unmistakable olfactory and gustatory stamp of their vintage.

Like the Nebbiolo, the Marchisio Family’s unsettling Barbera d’Alba is made from vineyards as old as 25 years. Fermented in stainless steel tanks, it ages for 4-8 months in Inox or large acacia barrels. It offers an explosive approach to the world of Barbera: a youthful, never tired edge and a softness that enchants. If expertly harmonized acidity makes this Barbera unique, a similar discourse – for tannins, in this case – distinguishes Mungalat, superb Langhe Nebbiolo fermented in steel and then aged in large oak barrels for many months. This Nebbiolo, too, conquers by its extreme delicacy: pure nectar, slender and without edges, very easy to drink.

Meanwhile, wines destined for long aging mature in the cellar, from the superior Barbera Castellinaldo (the only recognized subzone for Barbera d’Alba) to the amazing Valmaggiore, Nebbiolo d’Alba (the first Nebbiolo in history to be born in ceramic amphorae). Long times also for Pinot Noir, also in amphora, as well as for Roero Arneis and Riesling, both of which evolve in ceramic vessels. To the wisdom of time are also entrusted the Roero Riserva Francesca and the fabulous Barolo Vigna Rionda. Not to mention the legendary Faiv sparkling wines, blanc de blancs (Arneis) and rosé (Nebbiolo), left for ten years on the lees. Last treat: the madornal bubbles classic method kept on the lees for something like 25 years.

And in the meantime, the first appointment will be with the new, more ready-to-drink reds. Incidentally: they are among the Marchisio Family’s labels that have just conquered the challenging market of Canada, which is very selective and restricted by the state monopoly. All positive signs, as are those coming from the weather. «True, the rain forced us to proceed with treatments against downy mildew», explains Fabio Marchisio. «On the other hand, the nightmare of drought that had plagued the past few springs has vanished. And while it seems that nature is back to normal, with acceptable temperatures, it’s good to know that we will soon be able to uncork the newly born reds in our cellar».

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