Land and Sky

organic and biodynamic, history is the future

Ancient agricultural knowledge; no chemistry.  Today this is called organic farming.  Without forgetting the sky – the calendar of the stars and moon – the inspiration behind the biodynamic agriculture of Rudolf Steiner.  This is what we are: our treasure is the land we live on and the fertility of the soil that gives birth to flavour and fragrance.  The insects, grass and flowers collaborate with our naturally cultivated vines.  Chemistry does not even enter the cellar; nature rules in the production of our wines.  It is an alchemy born from the sun and rain that we indulge with love.  You savour the result in the glass.

Biodynamic, an ancient promise, love for the hills

Harmonising earth and sky, following the recipe of Steinerian agriculture.  Mission: first and foremost, safeguard the organic fertility of the soil and vineyard as a living ecosystem.  This is why the care we put into burying fermented manure between the vine rows every year has the flavour of an ancient promise.  At Easter, that fertilizer, transformed into “celestial powder” and dissolved in “dynamized” water, will lead the vine’s seasonal reawakening, towards a natural harmony that then translates into the richness of aromas appreciated in the glass.  It is the result of a promise that Sergio Marchisio made, first and foremost to his land, which is reciprocated every year as only his hills can; hills always treated with love. 

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