«Don’t worry: we are there and we’ll always be there». Sergio Marchisio reassures the many estimators of the Marchisio Family: «We’ll make sure that you never miss our wine, even by delivering it directly to your home, in complete safety». The decision is made: delivery, to satisfy everyone’s needs. Faced with the latest autumn restrictions imposed by the Italian government to limit the spread of coronaviurs, the Marchisio Family has decided to take an important step: home delivery. «We will make deliveries directly to your home, thus avoiding you having to visit us in the cellar». It’s a decision inspired by a precise sense of social responsibility. In recent months, visits to the winery have always been subject to exceptional measures of caution: sanitation and strict distance limits have ensured maximum safety for operators and visitors, even in the case of tastings.

«We realize that the moment is delicate for everyone», the Marchisio family reiterates: «We understand the government’s invitation to avoid unnecessary interpersonal contacts, and we respect the sensitivities of each one». This is a demanding choice: as everyone knows, visits to the winery represent an important voice, both for the economy of the wineries and for the tourism industry in wonderful areas such as the Roero and the Langhe, which are the preferred destinations of Italian and international tourism. «At the same time – assures Sergio Marchisio – we guarantee our presence in the company and, above all, we will make sure that none of our loyal customers will have to give up the pleasure of our wine: a phone call will be enough, and we will deliver it directly to their home, in full compliance with health security measures». A message of trust: «Let’s stick together, and the storm will pass. Let’s give a hand, all together, to start again as soon as possible. We are here, at your disposal: let’s not give up, because our passion is stronger than the pandemic».

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