Roero Arneis, mission accomplished: the harvest draws to a close this time as well. «It was not to be taken for granted that everything would go smoothly, after the season’s climatic swings». Far from easy, getting to the finish line. Fabio Marchisio recalls the weather swing of the past few months. The dry winter, then the spring drought. Then the late rain (not so abundant, on the vineyards) and finally the super-hot August. Record high temperatures, until early September. Significant stresses, which the vines – organic and biodynamic – nevertheless withstood, allowing them to bring home the harvest. «We are finalizing the operations, then we will move on to the reds».

It’s precisely the rains that arrived in extremis that will prove invaluable for the optimal ripening of the red grape clusters. «Results that we will soon appreciate for Barbera and even more for Nebbiolo: in fact, despite the climatic uncertainties, the 2023 harvest could be particularly propitious precisely for Nebbiolo». In addition to Mungalat, whose vines grow in Castellinaldo, the winery boasts an absolutely unique product such as Valmaggiore, which originates in Vezza d’Alba: the first Nebbiolo vinified in amphora, organic and biodynamic, much appreciated by international critics.

The flagship wine, however, remains Roero Arneis, introduced in Castellinaldo by Sergio Marchisio. A true pioneer, he was the first to make it sparkling: classic method, even ten years on the lees. As for still Arneis, it continues to take the lion’s share: it accounts for 70% of the company’s production, exported even to Scandinavia. An amazing Arneis, with explosive aromas: no chemicals, only native yeasts. Just the natural processing (even in the amphora version) makes it different from any other Roero Arneis. Unmistakable: savory and mineral, very rich in accents. A white that perfectly expresses the territory from which it comes: the ancestral memory of what, in prehistory, was a seabed.

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