Super Nebbiolo: it’is the king of the 2023 vintage. A resounding season, judging by the result. «We are happily surprised: aromas, color, sugar level. Perfect grapes: the best viaticum for a Nebbiolo that will be remembered». Fabio Marchisio doesn’t hide his enthusiasm as the red grape harvest is over. «Excellent results on the Barbera front as well: very high quality, although the vines suffered from the long thirst of the summer. Those of Nebbiolo, on the other hand, did not: the quantity was not affected, we are really satisfied».

The season has been challenging, due to dry weather. The weather – confirms Roberto Moncalvo, president of Coldiretti Piemonte – is increasingly decisive, on the performance of regional wine production. «The winter was marked by the prevailing absence of rainfall: only in May and June did it rain, albeit unevenly across the territory». They know something about this in Castellinaldo as well: the prolonged summer drought and high temperatures put the vineyards under considerable stress.

The Marchisio Family’s vineyards are defending themselves better, thanks to biodynamic care of the soils: increased fertility hardens the plants, year after year. «The harvest of the reds, then, was also definitely helped by the late summer rains, which brought the grapes to optimal ripeness». This is particularly noticeable in the case of Nebbiolo: absolute balance, richness and finesse, ideal alcohol content. He smiles, Fabio Marchisio: «I am sure that Nebbiolo 2023 will be the talk of the town. It promises to be truly spectacular».

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