Nebbiolo 2020: an amazing vintage is announced. What has just ended is a vintage that will go down in history…

Color and scents are those of the vintages that have made history: the 2020 vintage of Nebbiolo is one of those destined to leave its mark. «I’m not exaggerating: the harvest has been really amazing this year. The perfect phenolic maturation will give this wine an unmistakable mark». Sergio Marchisio celebrates: in the year of the coronavirus, the Nebbiolo from Roero leads the rebirth. Put to “boil” just destemmed, it’s completing alcoholic fermentation. Traditional vinification, with submerged cap, to “marry” the skins with the must. Excellent premise: «We are at 22.5 degrees of Babo, which means strong alcohol content, around 14.5°». Translated: the best conditions for an important, long-lived Nebbiolo, capable of surprising evolutions. And of course, with an extra gear (or rather, two): being organic and also biodynamic. In the case of the Valmaggiore, then, vinified in ceramic amphorae: a kind of elixir of eternal youth, to tame its power and keep intact its very high drinkability.

We are talking about a very special Nebbiolo d’Alba, which debuted in 2016 with the screw cap: the first ever Piedmontese Nebbiolo, vinified and aged in amphora. Immediately protagonist: awarded by Decanter with the Silver Medal. A production, that of Valmaggiore, particularly selected: the wine comes from the renowned hill of Vezza d’Alba, famous for its sandy soil. A guarantee: dynamic and persuasive reds, exceptional aromas. In all, 1.3 hectares. The rest of her Nebbiolo production, the Marchisio Family obtains it in Castellinaldo d’Alba from the vineyards of Mungalat, 4 hectares from which the Nebbiolo d’Alba of the same name and also the Francesca, the house’s prized Roero Riserva, made from vineyards subjected to a further refined selection. «We are really happy with the harvest that has just ended», Sergio reiterates. «Everything is going well: next week, let’s draw off our wine». A great journey, then: that of the Nebbiolo 2020. We will see (better, we will drink) some beautiful ones!

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