Fantastic harvest of Arneis and Nebbiolo grapes for Faiv and Faiv Rosè sparkling wines. Sergio Marchisio: they will come out only in 2030!

The classic method bubbles obtained from the Arneis and Nebbiolo grapes just harvested by the Marchisio Family will only come out in 2030: «There’s another grandson coming, and we’d better keep a lot of bottles aside», Sergio Marchisio says. He’s very happy about his 2020 harvest. «We are fortunate to be able to differentiate the production, thanks to vineyards with different exposures: and so, for the sparkling wines, we harvest rows where the grapes have not yet reached advanced ripeness. In this way we are able to keep the alcohol content lower, to the advantage of freshness». For Faiv (blanc de blancs, 100% Arneis) the grapes comes from the prestigious cru Valmaggiore, in Vezza d’Alba, while for Faiv Rosè (100% Nebbiolo) the grapes are those of the lower part of the hill of Mongalletto, in Castellinaldo.

«They are two plots from which we harvest 50-60 quintals of grapes, for a total of 5-6000 bottles for Faiv and as many for Rosè». The secret of finesse also lies in the nature of their soils: «Both Vezza and Mongalletto have very sandy soils, ideal for giving the wine lightness and scents. Those who know them know that they are great sparkling wines, whose richness also depends on full respect for nature: certified organic, Marchisio Family practices biodonamic viticulture, able to ensure an extra gear to the vineyards (and therefore to the wines). On sparkling wines, maintained even 7-8 years on yeasts, Sergio Marchisio boasts real records: he was the first to make Arneis sparkling wine, many years ago, and the first to make Nebbiolo (rosé) sparkling wine produced according to the Sterinerian dictates of biodynamics.

The freshly harvested grapes have become must and are now fermenting; the draught (with the addition of sugar and yeast) will be made in exactly one year, not before August or September 2021. Then, after bottling and refermentation, Marchisio Family’s sparkling wines will remain on the yeasts for 7-8 years. «They will not come out before 2030», promises Sergio, thus announcing another personal record: bubbles with 10 years of seniority. In line, as always, with the family vocation: absolute excellence, which can only be achieved by combining nature, experience and passion.

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