Welcome Sergio Valentino, last son of the Marchisio Family! Knowing how to smile at the future, from the green heart of hills cultivated with love

His name is Sergio Valentino, the last born of the Marchisio Family. With his big eyes, he appeared on the world on Thursday, November 19, 2020, in the water sign of Scorpio. Big party, first of all for mom Elena and dad Fabio: the newcomer is the third-born, and will be super-cooled by his two little sisters. For his part, «grandfather Sergio is already at work preparing the wine of the lineage», as we read in an “official” announcement of the winery. This is no joke: the classic method bubbles obtained from the freshly harvested Arneis and Nebbiolo grapes will be released only in 2030, when the newborn Sergio Valentino will be 10 years old. «There is another grandchild on the way – said Sergio Marchisio, in September – and it will be better to keep a lot of bottles aside, especially if they are the result of an exceptional harvest like the one of the 2020 season».

The happy event fills the entire family clan with happiness: a beautiful sign of hope and trust, which blossoms at the very end of such a difficult year. «The family is the home of the heart», is the motto of Sergio Marchisio: and testifies in the most explicit way the faith in the human values that represent the true foundation of the company, committed (even with the adherence to organic farming) to deeply respect the environment that was inherited from the ancestors. A long history of fidelity, loyalty and dedication: from father to son. Even so, celebrating Sergio Valentino, the Marchisio Family renews her promise: to take care of her hills with love, preserving the Earth in the most natural way, to make grow – year after year – the inimitable biodynamic excellence of wines born from the most genuine soul of tradition, the great oenological history of Piedmont.

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