«We are proud to be independent winemakers», say the Marchisios. «And we are happy to be at the fair in Bologna with Fivi, Nov. 25-27». Leaving Piacenza, in fact, the 12th edition of the Wine Market, with more than 1,000 exhibitors, lands in the Emilia capital. Taking the lion’s share are producers from Piedmont: 116 companies. They are followed by Tuscany, Veneto and the other Italian regions. Piedmont in pole position: an excellent sign, because Fivi is the Italian cradle of artisanal wine. It’s produced by family wineries, where tradition is handed down from father to son. Respect for the territory, absolute quality, typicality guaranteed.

«For us – says Sergio Marchisio, a pioneer of organic and biodynamic winemaking in the Roero – joining Fivi was a natural thing». Founded in 2008, the Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers now has nearly 1,500 members and aims to protect the winemaker, helping him to always give his best. «The Independent Winemaker – recalls Fivi – cultivates his vineyards, makes his grapes, bottles his wine and personally takes care of its sale». A short chain, based on sincerity and genuineness: «True winemakers constantly work to preserve, protect and promote their territory».

One of Fivi’s strategic functions: to give full visibility to the most authentic wine Italy. At the fair in Bologna you can meet the wineries that know how to fully express the exclusive value of native grape varieties: an enormous biodiversity, which makes wine Italy a world heritage. It’s not surprising that producers of wines from Piedmont play such an important role. It’s logical that the Marchisio Family is a full member of the group: it offers goblets with inimitable personalities, which can tell the story of the uniqueness of the terroir. It’s no coincidence that Roero recently obtained the only additional geographical mention granted to Barbera d’Alba, recognizing the subzone of Castellinaldo: and here is Castellinaldo Barbera d’Alba Doc.

And just they, the master winemakers of Castellinaldo, are now offering a taste of their masterpieces in Bologna. The Marchisio Family experimenters were the first to sparkle Arneis, the first to vinify Nebbiolo in amphora. «We remain faithful to our hillsides, in the pure spirit of Fivi: guarding the land, protecting it, helping it grow organically. We believe in natural viticulture and the daily passion of artisanal work». Values that the public of the Fivi fair-market knows how to recognize: this explains the success of an event that rewards the best wine Italy, the one that always knows how to combine ethics and excellence.

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