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Grape harvest

The magic of our wines? It comes from special soils, enriched with biodynamic humus: year after year, the results are more and more spectacular

«A harvest is approaching that promises to be spectacular, thanks to a particularly happy season: lots of sunshine and a bit of rain at the right time». Sergio Marchisio already anticipates the harvest 2020: it will be a year to remember, fortunately, not only because of the coronavirus. But the merit, in the case of

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Sergio Marchisio, 60 years of emotions: mission, making wine talk like no other. In every glass, a page of history of the universe

A life halfway between earth and sky, vineyards and stars. What makes a story like Sergio Marchisio’s exceptional? Anyone who tastes his wines asks himself. Arneis or Barbera, bubbles, Nebbiolo or Pinot Noir in amphora. Explosions, depth, fragrances. A fullness that rises directly from the ground and then meets the sun and rain, and than

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Sergio Marchisio: loyalty to our values ​​will allow us to overcome the Covid crisis, biodynamic wine is a great passport towards a better future

«Continue to believe in our values: this is the best answer to the great crisis that broke out with the Covid emergency». While the whole world faces economic difficulties that were unimaginable until yesterday, and the Italian wine market itself has undergone a drastic decrease of 30-40%, Sergio Marchisio remains firm in his convictions: «We

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We are stronger than the coronavirus: respecting Earth, we are ready to “resurrect”. Happy Easter, from our Italy that produces wines and cultivates a greener future

At a time like this, we are among the few privileged who can work in these days of forced quarantine: the whole World has stopped because of the coronavirus, but the lockdown in force in Italy doesn’t prevent seasonal activities in the fields. We too, Marchisio Family, participate in the great pain that’s upsetting humanity,

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Sulle viti della Marchisio Family la pioggia magica dell’acqua dinamizzata, così si rinnova il rito biodinamico che propizia il vigore della primavera

Come ogni anno, una poggia “magica” ha appena irrorato i vigneti della Marchisio Family: si tratta di gocce di un’acqua speciale, dinamizzata con il metodo biodinamico ispirato da Rudolf Steiner. «E’ una vera e propria aspersione, eseguita a mano e con un preciso ritmo, che ricorda una vera e propria danza: sul terreno cadono poche

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Our wines now also protected from electrosmog and geopathies

From today, the Marchisio Family cellar is completely protected, sheltered even from the most invisible of the possible threats. They call them “subtle energies”: they are low frequency waves, emitted by electrical systems or from the Earth’s subsoil. An experienced doctor such as Dr. Emilio Terziano has long studied them together with his son, Andrea

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La Marchisio Family inaugura il nuovo servizio di delivery. Il vostro vino preferito consegnato a domicilio.

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