Zero impact, where time cradles our nectar

Recovering the memory of ancestral wine

The amphora vinification of Nebbiolo obtained from the prestigious Valmaggiore cru, at Vezza d’Alba, represents an emotional achievement for Sergio Marchisio.  It is one of his own personal studies; the very delicate alchemy, thanks to which the ceramic transforms the must into wine, allowing a well-controlled transpiration and keeping the precious liquid sheltered from thermic shock.  The use of amphorae, originally from the Caucasus, recalls the memory of a subdued and natural vinification, stress free and capable of giving the wine a capacity of expression superior to that obtained with steel, cement or wood.  It is a new frontier – actually very ancient – that Sergio Marchisio is rediscovering as a pioneer.

It exists, but you can’t see it; it is hidden in the ground, dug into the side of the hill, to keep the wines sheltered from thermal shock.  The cellar is a zero impact welcoming grotto, completely underground and naturally insulated, fed by photovoltaic energy.  It protects the wines’ apparent sleep, their silent journey.  Whites and reds take on a sweet, progressive evolution, thanks to casks and the ceramic of special amphorae.  Round bottomed like an egg, they are the fruit of an ancient science; perfect for keeping the temperature constant, sweetly allowing the wines to breath and giving them the oxygen they need.


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