About us

Together: the family is the homeland of the heart

Our company is above all a family, and the family is the homeland of the heart. It is the home in which to live and evolve, in harmony with the universe of which we are a part. Young and old, grandchildren and grandparents: since the end of the 1800s, here in Roero, our joie de vivre has poured into the earth every day, into the green fortune that grows under our feet. Love and gratitude: for generations, a bond as strong as a promise has united us. A cleaner world, for our children and for those who will come after them. We know it: “If you believe it, you can”. This is why we have always been here. We live under the sky. We love it so much, we will never stop.

Competence and passion, to grow together

Sergio Marchisio oversees the progressive development of the family business, today entrusted primarily to his sons Fabio and Ivo (agronomist), both engaged in the daily work in the vineyard and in the cellar, with the collaboration of Elena, Marisa and Francesca. The Marchisio Family staff is completed with the contribution of historical collaborators: from the agronomist Massimo Pinna, organic specialist, to the technician Gianfranco Cordero, oenologist. Tests and controls: the constant monitoring of the quality of the work is entrusted to the analyzes of the Bilab laboratory in Guarene.

Live with us, in the midst of our vineyards

Getting to know each other is always an emotion. Discover together how beautiful the place where you live is. We are always ready for visits to the cellar. And the structure – designed to welcome light, with large spaces open to the sun – is available for unique, exclusive events, in the magic of the natural paradise that surrounds us. You can contact us, also for parties and anniversaries, celebrations, lunches. We hope that soon it will be possible to stay here even for the night, experimenting with our new idea of bed & breakfast: we are in fact working to design suites completely immersed in the enchanted atmosphere of the vineyards. They will offer a unique experience, to be enjoyed in complete relaxation: exclusive intimacy with the green peace from which wine is born.

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