Organic and biodynamic viticulture

A family, a promise: nature creates good wine

About us

Together: the family
is the homeland of the heart

First and foremost, our company is a family, and the family is the homeland of the heart.  It is the house in which to live and evolve, in harmony with the universe of which we are a part.  Young and old, grandchildren and grandparents; every day since end of the 19th century, here in Roero, our joy of life has poured out onto the land, onto the green fortune that grows beneath our feet.  Love and gratitude; for generations we have been united by a bond as strong as a promise.  A cleaner world, for out children and those that follow them.  We know; “If you believe, you can”.  This is why we have always been here.  We live under the sky.  We love it and will never stop.


The courage of trusting the land

Sergio Marchisio, our father, gave the name Faiv to his sparkling wines made from Nebbiolo and Arneis, combining the names of two of us, Fabio and Ivo, while the Roero Reserve bears the name of the last born, Francesca.  In the Marchisio house the family always wins, even when it comes to the labels; they are the fruit of a passion that for Sergio, courageous ecological innovator, coincides with the family’s faith in the land.  He was the first to plant Arneis at Castellinaldo, the first to make it sparkling and the first in the Roero to use amphorae for Nebbiolo.  His is a true devotion to these hills, cultivated over the years with faith in the universal laws of life.

Land and sky

organic and biodynamic, history is the future

Ancient agricultural knowledge; no chemistry.  Today this is called organic farming.  Without forgetting the sky – the calendar of the stars and moon – the inspiration behind the biodynamic agriculture of Rudolf Steiner.  This is what we are: our treasure is the land we live on and the fertility of the soil that gives birth to flavour and fragrance.  The insects, grass and flowers collaborate with our naturally cultivated vines.


Zero impact, where time cradles our nectar

It exists, but you can’t see it; it is hidden in the ground, dug into the side of the hill, to keep the wines sheltered from thermal shock.  The cellar is a zero impact welcoming grotto, completely underground and naturally insulated, fed by photovoltaic energy.  It protects the wines’ apparent sleep, their silent journey.  Whites and reds take on a sweet, progressive evolution, thanks to casks and the ceramic of special amphorae. 

.On the hills of Castellinaldo d’Alba, our company (certified organic) cultivates about twenty hectares, mostly Arneis, with the addition of Barbera and Nebbiolo.  There is also the recently acquired vineyard at Vezza d’Alba in the historic cru of Valmaggiore.  The rows of vines are Guyot trained.  The terrain, facing southeast at an average height of 280 metres above sea level, mainly consists of calcareous marl next to sandy sediments of alluvial origin.  The climate, characterised by rigid winters and hot, dry summers, is strictly controlled by surveying weather stations, indispensible for the prompt implementation of the natural treatment called for by organic and biodynamic viticulture.

Vineyards and wines

A lot of Arneis,
plus Barbera and Nebbiolo

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